Unlock Real-World Possibilities with SoftNote: Lightning-Fast, Fee-Free Bitcoin Transfers

• SoftNote is introducing a fully backed and redeemable cash system, enabling seamless real-world transactions and rewarding users.
• Live staking opportunities are now available on the platform with attractive rewards for staking $TET tokens.
• The Bitcoin SoftNote system has gone live, providing fee-free transfers and unlocking new possibilities for real-world transactions.

SoftNote: The Ultimate Bitcoin Layer-2 Scaling Solution

SoftNote is transforming the way transactions occur in the crypto world by introducing a fully backed and redeemable cash system. Powered by Tectum, SoftNotes represent ownership of Bitcoin wallets, allowing users to experience lightning-fast, fee-free transfers. This groundbreaking solution brings the benefits of digital cash to any blockchain, unlocking new possibilities for real-world transactions and rewarding users in the process.

Live Staking Opportunities

SoftNote is now offering live staking opportunities on its platform through UniCrypt Staking Pool. By staking $TET tokens for a minimum of two months, participants can enjoy a minimum APY of 60% or more. This secure and profitable means of engaging with the SoftNote ecosystem allows users to reap rewards while supporting its growth.

Bitcoin SoftNote System Goes Live

The launch of the Bitcoin SoftNote system marks an important milestone for SoftNote’s mission to revolutionize crypto usage in everyday life. With this new development, users can experience lightning-fast, fee-free transfers while enjoying greater scalability and efficiency than ever before.

$TET Listing & Airdrop Campaign

$TET had a successful launch on ETH Network and has been listed on UNISWAP as well as other DEX/CEX exchanges. Early investors are already reaping significant rewards with $TET achieving 340% ROI at its all time high (ATH). To further reward early adopters and foster engagement within its ecosystem, SoftNote is also launching an ongoing airdrop campaign for $TET holders.


SoftNote continues to make significant advancements in its ecosystem with initiatives aimed at enhancing user experience and expanding its reach globally by introducing revolutionary solutions such as live staking opportunities, the launch of the Bitcoin Softnote System, Airdrop campaigns etc.. With these developments in place it is clear that Softnote has strong potential for growth in 2021

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